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春节英语作文 篇一

The first Spring Festival is the Spring Festival. The annual lunar New Year is coming again, at five o clock in the morning of 29th annual mom and dad took me from sleep pulled up, I wash a face, a little hurry to eat breakfast, mom and dad took me carry the luggage to the station, a train going to my grandmas New Years day. After a days journey, I finally came to my grandmothers home, and grandma was very happy to see us.

On the morning of the New Years eve, everyone was busy with the couplet, hanging the lantern, the scene of a red fire. Grandma made a pot of paste in the morning, I and dad busy stick up, I painted the paste on the wall, father stick couplets on the wall, top allied is: smooth fortunes to allied is: all the best fook lam moon guangpi: treasures will be plentiful. Finally, dad stood on the chair and hung up some red lanterns.

In the evening, eat dinner, my grandmother took a table very rich food side, the family open happy heart eat it, after eating, they give me the money, Im very happy. We keep waiting in front of the television after the beginning of the Spring Festival gala, unknowingly at eight o clock in the evening, the Spring Festival gala, there is a crosstalk, singing and dancing, and nice in your essay. By the time the zero hour bell was about to ring, the national people on TV had entered the countdown of the "ten, nine, eight" firecrackers. We were no exception, and we set it up at the door. The fireworks outside are colorful and beautiful!

The first day, I put on new clothes, mom and dad took me, carrying a gift to elder happy New Year, everywhere, I will receive a red envelope, also can eat to various delicacies, and delicious sweets.

Its nice to have Chinese New Year. I like the New Year.

关于春节的英语作文 篇二

Looking forward, looking forward to the New Year has finally arrived. Morning noise of firecrackers woke me from sleep, I rubbed sleep Meng Meng eyes, put my mother to buy me new clothes, and my heart indescribably happy. Get up, I saw the sun would come out early, I immediately ran to toilet, eating a few dumplings, the family set off to grandma. To the grandmother, the grandmother saw early in the busy kitchen, watching grandmother smiling eyes, I am excited to run to ask: "? What are you busy grandmother it" Grandma smiled and said: "I'm doing you and brother favorite cooking circle. Really? "I am pleased to dance. "Wow! Great, great, there is a round cooking to eat." My voice faded, aunt and brother also went to them, also I boast about it, said my new dress is so beautiful, and that I tall, long handsome. Soon grandmother and round table ready to cook a tasty dish. Looked so much food, I am full of joy, many of which were my favorite. I immediately picked up the chopsticks gobbled up, Aunt them talking and laughing, looking at me like beggars, all laughing, everyone you look at me, I see you happy. Oh, the New Year is so happy, because it not only add interest, also on behalf of the arrival of the new year.


关于春节的英语作文 篇三

More than 10 days before the Spring Festival, grandma just get busy preparing something for the Chinese New Year, and kill the chicken, and duck slaughter, and cooked the meat, and cooking, busy trying. Grandma said: "now is' no New Year's day, better than New Year's day '!" Dad said: "now is Chinese New Year still busy!" But as for me, although is welcome, not participate in discussions, but has been realized in the harmonious society people overjoyed when!

By year, every household lights, very busy. We eat a good meal in a hurry, picked up a firecracker quickly ran to the designated place, for fear of being robbed the first. We can be more firecrackers, there are "flowers" "double bang firecracker" "cuckoo cybele" BaiZiBao "..." Let's put the "flowers", firecrackers like a fire ball shot on the blue sky. All of a sudden, it's not rise, but suddenly burst, formed a colorful flower, have a plenty of gold to red, have a plenty of yellow and green, or blue and red. Then we put the "double bang firecracker", it is also good, listen to "bang" a loud noise, a Mars for a moment, it's a "bang" sound, golden fireball exploded in the sky, but not immediately. "BaiZiBao" two thousand multiple, how much more enjoyable enough. "Cuckoo crow spring" is my favorite, after burning up a clump of flame, the above quote pieces of colorful flowers, each flower so bright, so bright!

Look at the beautiful fireworks in the sky, listening to all round the loud firecrackers, I want to, and came to the New Year, our motherland will present a new atmosphere.




春节英语作文 篇四

Many children think Chinese New Year red envelopes, relatives is the most happy, but I dont think so, I think Chinese New Year the most fun is free, have fun.

During the festival, many relatives and friends of children with mom and dad, and I are different. Every New Years day, mom and dad to drop around, Ill stay at home doing things they want to do.

Want to see the animation, I turn on the TV, channel by I choose, show with me to pick, that kind of strength, not to mention how happy! Unlike at ordinary times, someone will rob remote controller with me, also forced me to see the columns you dont like. Want to read, I took the book and eat melon seeds, while watching, want to see how many pages, I have the final say. Unlike at ordinary times, reading a book on, content, number of pages, I can not say a word. Want to play basketball, I took a ball, to find a have a stadium casually, want to how to play just how to play. Play tired, exercise training on the machines. Unlike usual, play ball, still have to ask for instructions, if do well, probably by, on the other hand, is a reprimand.

The fun of the Chinese New Year is really too much. For me, the day of the lunar New Year, I am the well-connected sun wukong, heaven let me! Not happy just strange!





春节英语作文 篇五

The Spring Festival is also called the lunar new year, new year's day, no, Yuan Chen, Yuan Shuo, Old Dan, at the beginning of the year, the first year old, Xinzheng, Jo, three yuan, or the Chinese new year, the first day of the lunar new year. Due to the different calendar, the date at the beginning of the year are not the same: for a month at the beginning of Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty to the beginning of the December, Zhou Dai is at the beginning of November, the Qin Dynasty to the beginning of the October, when the emperor returned to normal at the beginning of the month, and continues today.

"Spring Festival", the different generations also have different points. The Han Dynasty refers to the beginning of spring on this day, the northern and Southern Dynasties to the spring, until recently a month earlier. It is China's oldest and most active content rich, etiquette is the most grand, the most spectacular scenes of the most delicate food, a traditional festival, the 53 national in 56 ethnic groups (except Tibet, Bai and Dai) have held a grand banquet to celebrate the feast or family, it is also called the "New Year feast in Daqing".

According to historical records, the Spring Festival in Tang Yushi called "loaded". The name is "old", the Shang Dynasty called "worship", Zhou Dai's "year". "Year" refers to the original meaning of grain growth cycle, millet annual heat, so the Spring Festival once a year, with the meaning of qingfeng. Also, the Spring Festival originated in the late primitive society "sacrificial offering", then every December spring, people will kill pigs and sheep, and the worship of ancestors, pray for the new year and avoid disaster. They painted their faces with cinnabar, dressed in bird feathers, singing and eating and drinking. As for each other is pay New Year's call dinner, from the early Han Dynasty, the "Tongdian" records.

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